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How Do I Control What Is In My News Feed?
Updated October 2012
Go to the person's profile, hover your mouse over the "friend" button (dont click it) and look for the "Show in New Feed" link. If it's checked, you get their updates in their news feed, and if it's unchecked you dont. Just click on it to change it to the opposite of its current setting.

An alternative to doing this would be to add the person to your "Acquaintances" list and that would also remove them from your news feed.

In addition, if you click on settings, there are some more options detailing what sort of updates you want to receive from that person

There is also an option you can toggle for whether or not you want to receive notifications from this person. (kinda like adding them to your "close friends" list) - Parents will usually want to turn this on for their kids' profiles.

Another alternative is this new facebook feature:

You also might want to understand how to set up Custom Friend Lists as you can use them to show only updates from certain friends at a time. For example, if you put your family in one list, and your friends in another list, when you view the list page, only updates from those people will show in that custom news feed, making it easier to keep track of different groups of peoples' updates. Keep in mind that in addition, who is in each list is kept private to you only.

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