Tweaking the Myspace Profile 1.0 Song Player

Click Here for the Profile 2.0 Version of this code

• This code will allow you to move your myspace mini-player around without it affecting other embeds in your profile, like slideshows & videos

Move it anywhere on your page: Move it to the top left corner:

To use these positioning codes, adjust the values for TOP and MARGIN-LEFT... make sure to leave LEFT at 50%!
Moving the Artist/Band Myspace Player

This has been updated to hide the new multi-song player in user profiles on 10/31/2008 without leaving that large gap in your profile that comes from using old codes from old layout sites.

You may also want to read Tom's Blog about the music issues to understand any issues you may be having. New features are always a little glitchy at first.

You may need to adjust the -25 number to another number depending on what other code you may have in your profile.

Myspace has made it easy to hide, but then it wont play..... here are some screenshots to show you what you need to click on now in order to hide it

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Once you click that little checkbox to hide it, go look at your profile - It will be hidden.

• Myspace made a change to the mini-song player code - it no longer works to make it small - well, at least without having part of the player truncated.

Shrink it to a Play Button: Resize 4 Song Artist Player:

    Horton Resizes a Music Player

This has been updated on 9/25/2008

If you dont like the huge playlist on your profile, and you instead want the simple 1 song player instead, you will need to go thru your song history and delete all the other songs you dont want displayed. Here are some screenshots to show you how that is done.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Go thru each of the songs you want to delete and click the little X next to each song.

Step 4: (This is what it will then look like)

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