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Reply with this quote Reply to this Post Posted:  July 31, 2007 11:40 PM
As of March 5th, 2008, Myspace has disabled all HTML from the captions of your pictures. This means you can no longer add backgrounds and colors to your view more pictures page, and you can also no longer put an image as a caption for your pictures. The last time this happened, Myspace changed it back in a couple days, so keep an eye on this page, as it will be updated when it is again possible to do the things listed on this page.

So you want to put music on your view more pictures page on myspace, eh? Well, it's possible, but it's NOT EASY to do, and honestly, it's not even worth it. Think about the last time you spent more than 1 minute at someone's view more pictures page without clicking on one of the pictures to see the larger version....

Because once someone clicks on one of your pictures to see the larger version, the music stops. You know that, right?

OK - here are the details - you know that you are VERY limited in the number of characters you can put into the caption, right? That means you cannot use the EMBED tag, because myspace will convert it to new object/param code that is a million characters long.

So instead, your only option is to use the BGSOUND tag....

Why does the BGSOUND tag suck so much? because it doesnt "stream" the music like the EMBED tag does. What does that mean? If you dont feel like clicking that Wikipedia link where it is explained, then let me just explain it in simple terms.

With the EMBED tag, the song starts playing right away, because it's streaming. With the BGSOUND tag, the ENTIRE SONG has to get downloaded to the person's computer before they hear anything.... How long does the typical MP3 file take to download using a really fast connection? About 3-4 minutes.

So think about it... No one is going to sit at your View More Pics page for that long, are they? They are either going to click on one of your pictures to see the larger version of it, or they are going to click on your "next picture page" links and then that will stop it from playing too...

To make this even MORE pointless, the BGSOUND tag only works in Micro$oft Internet Explorer (the crappy browser that everyone mocks because it comes with Windows XP) OK - SURE - 75% of internet traffic comes from Windows users who are using that crappy IE browser, but because of myspace, more and more people are using firefox.

If you want to try firefox, you should read this and see all the cool things you can do with it, like

1:Legally block all of myspace's annoying ads
2:Customize your HOME PAGE
3:View all the things that people who have non-private profiles think no one can see....

OK - now back to the point - do you STILL want to put all the pointless effort into putting music on your View More Pics page?


OK FINE.... here's how you do it

Go to and host the song you want there. Now you have a long URL that wont fit into a picture caption, right? OK good - to verify that you actually have the correct URL, paste it into your address bar - does it bring you to a webpage, or does it start playing music?

If it brings you to a webpage, then you dont have the right URL

Now... You need to make the URL smaller - using a short URL website that myspace hasn't already filtered go to or to get a smaller URL for it.

Now that you have a smaller URL for it, NOW you can put it into the BGSOUND tag.... like this....


Hopefully it will then fit into your caption.... if it doesnt, then DO NOT SUBMIT IT INTO THE CAPTION, or your View More Pics page will get all fucked up.
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