Converting Back to Profile 1.0

Update: 4/20/2010
If your account has been in 2.0 for more than 7 days, you can no longer switch to 1.0.

If you have a brand new account you cannot switch to 1.0.

Update: 8/5/2009
You can no longer convert back to Profile 1.0, not even using "the blog trick"


I told ya they would fix that glitch eventually...

If you are looking for tutorials which will help you learn how to customize your 2.0 Profile (it's actually not all that hard to learn new things) then try these links:
Myspace Profile 2.0 - Frequently Asked Questions Customizing Myspace Profile 2.0 Profiles Backgrounds in Myspace Profile 2.0 Profiles Hiding Things in Myspace Profile 2.0 Profiles Creating an Overlay in Myspace Profile 2.0 Profiles Subscribe to Huey's Profile 2.0 Blog

Step 1:Go to 'Manage Blog' on your homepage
Step 2:Post a New Blog Entry
Step 3:Enter These 2 Required things, then click the bottom button
Step 4:Confirm the Blog Posting
Step 5:Go Back to Your Homepage, Click Customize Profile at the Top, Then Look for This in the Upper Right Corner
Step 6:Click 'Switch to Profile 1.0'

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