Wrapping Text Around an Image in Profile 2.0

You cant use the deprecated "align" html in profile 2.0, you have to use divs instead, utilizing the float style property.

Let me give you an example

this is the old way

<p><img src="URL" align="left"> text here </p>

That doesnt work in profile 2.0 - you have to use html 4.1 standards instead

You have to add code in two places to make this work.

Step 1:

Put this HTML in the section you want the image and text to appear in, changing the URL part of the code to the direct link to the image that you want to use:

Step 2:

Put this into your CSS box under customize profile:

Note 1: You will need to make sure you have a LOT of text as shown above in order to see it working in your profile.

Note 2: You can adjust the width:300px; number in the style to adjust how wide the div container for this effect is.

Note 3: You can adjust the margin-right:10px; number in the style to adjust how close the text is to the image.

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