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Viral Facebook Links
Updated May 2013
If you are using Facebook these days, you have to be really careful what you click on. If you dont understand yet what a "viral link" is, you need to... it's a link that gets posted by an app that one of your friends gave permission to - and when you click it too, with an open Facebook cookie (meaning that you are logged in) then the website that is hosting the link can steal your personal information, and then force you to post it to your status too... the apps can read your friends' names, and make it appear as if your friend was actually the person who posted it, and in fact, this is not true.

As of May 2013, there is a new variant leading to a phishing page on a website called "tagvidz.com" - DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!

The latest one speaks about a website called Album45 or Album32 or Album89 - the link will say "i cant believe you are in the video! it's all over facebook!" (IT IS NOT TRUE - DO NOT CLICK THE LINK - DON'T BE AN IDIOT - DELETE THE POST IMMEDIATELY)

If you click it, it can steal your password, and will then automatically post as you, and infect all of your friends as well.

If you already fell for it, and retyped your password trying to figure out how to see the pictures of you that arent actually there, you need to change your password right now, as these pages are phishing pages... if you dont know what a phishing page is, then you really should not being using facebook in the first place... a phishing page is a page designed to look like an official login page, but all it does is steal your email and password... then spams your friends and then your account gets locked or deleted by Facebook.

As long as you are still here reading this, i have something important to say - NEVER EVER EVER give your password to ANYONE - and NEVER use the same password for your EMAIL and your FACEBOOK... make sure your email has an extremely secure password, as you will need to use your email account to reset your facebook account password if you fall for a trick like this.

Read more here : Facecrooks explains the video scam

And here : Sophos describes the video scam

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