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Facebook Action Tagging
There is a new feature on Facebook where you can tag your actions in your status. This helps your friends know what you are doing, and it also helps promote the pages you have liked. Let's take "music" as an example using the screenshots below.

First, type a status update, and before you post it, click on the little smiley face below where you type.

Then, select your action. In this example, I have chosen "Listening to".

Once you select that, it will prompt you for what you are listening to, and this list is populated by the things listed in your music section... the bands that you have already "liked"

Select the band you are listening to, and it will be added to your status.

If you dont have the smiley icon yet, that might mean you are using Chrome as your browser. It doesnt seem to work in Chrome yet for some reason, but it works just fine in Firefox. If it doesnt appear for you in Firefox either, there is nothing you can do to make it appear. That just means the server your account is on doesnt have the update yet. Be patient, you will eventually get the update too.

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