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Facebook Restricted List
Updated March 2015
Everything you click LIKE on or you comment on is shared with all of your friends in their ticker.

If you want to hide that activity from a friend, you would have to add that person to your RESTRICTED list.

But there is no way to hide that activity from all of your friends with one setting, you would have to add individual friends to your restricted list.

To find your restricted list, go here
https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/lists and then click on "restricted".

If you want to learn how to get to that page otherwise, look at these screenshots

Settings >> Blocking >> Edit List

On the right side of this page, there is a box where you can type a friend's name to add that person to the "restricted" list.

However, keep in mind that anyone you added to your "restricted" list will also affect them being able to see your status updates.

To Remove someone from your restricted list, hover your mouse over their picture, and click the little X that appears inside of their picture.

If the person is on your restricted list,
the only ways to get them to be able to see the status update is to:

• Make the status update PUBLIC.
• Use the "with" feature to tag the person in the status update.
• Otherwise tag the the person in the original post.

Note: If the person on your restricted list is tagged in a COMMENT for that status update, they will not be notified in any way, nor will they be able to see it.

There is one more option, but it involves your friends changing something instead of you changing something. If you have friends complaining that they are getting annoyed by you because you like and comment on too many things, tell them to hover over your friends button, and uncheck the "comments and likes" option for the type of updates they receive from you. That way they will still be able to see your status updates without getting annoyed by your likes and comments.

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