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Removing a Browser Extension
If you are reading this, you must have been tricked by spammers into thinking there is a way to "go back to the old version of facebook" or "remove the timeline" and "go back to the old wall profile".

What you have probably figured out by now is that you cant actually remove the timeline and go back to the old wall profile. What is happening is that people who own websites are trying to make money and steal accounts by making people THINK they have removed their Timeline by getting them to install something that is called a "browser extension". All this does is make it so that when you view facebook profiles, you see something that resembles the old profile, but everyone else still can see your timeline profile. There is no way to prevent this from happening, no matter what anyone claims.

Another thing that you need to realize is that browser extensions CAN BE DANGEROUS. (not all of them are, but some of them are, just like some facebook apps can be dangerous, but not all of them are.)

This page will help you understand how to remove a browser extension.

First, you need to understand which browser you are using.

Click on the name of the browser you are using:

Each one works a little differently, so click on the above links to see how to remove it from the browser you are using.

Here is what it looks like you are using:

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