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Problems Reactivating Your Facebook Profile?
When you deactivate your profile, it's only temporary, and everything will go back to normal when you reactivate it. However, keep in mind that Facebook put the deactivation option there for people who were not planning on reactivating their profile for at least a month or so. Deactivating and reactivating makes the servers at Facebook work very hard, so if you are in the habit of deactivating your profile for only a day, knowing you are going to reactivate it again tomorrow, you are causing problems for Facebook.

To prevent problems for the site, Facebook has made is so that when you reactivate, your profile and pictures and updates do not all appear immediately when you log back in, because they expect that there is a possibility that you just logged in for a few minutes, and might just deactivate your profile again in a few minutes, maybe to hide from "stalkers" or to hide your profile from your parents.

So in short, everything will not go back to how it used to be instantly, instead, you will have to wait about 24-48 hours once you reactivate your profile before all of your old pictures and likes and comments and your profile will be viewable and findable by you and your friends.

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