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Facebook Private Messages Seen by the Public?
Updated September 2012
There is a new viral rumor that your private Facebook messages (like your chat window) are being made public on your Timeline. These rumors are NOT TRUE.

It has been on CNN this week, facebook has announced these rumors are not true, but because your friends are sharing this information with everyone on their friends list, people just believe it without question, just like the rumors that Facebook is going to shut down or start charging people money to use their site. These rumors have been going around for years, and they are never true. Do not believe everything you read about on facebook unless it's a link to a creditable source, like CNN or another reputable news site. It's really easy to lie and get thousands of people to believe something on the internet.

Remember back when Facebook was a website that didnt have any options for who could see your status updates or what you liked? If not, then you arent going to understand what is going on. Back in those days, every status update was PUBLIC, and people didnt realize that, because it all streamed off of their newsfeed in a day. People did not realize all of those items were still saved in their account. Then came along the Timeline profile that showed everyone that all of those old status updates werent private at all, and everyone freaked out because they thought Facebook was suddenly making their private stuff public. This is an incorrect assumption.

What is going on is hype over something that is not true. The timeline has more privacy options than the old facebook "wall" had, people just dont understand how to use it.

If you would like more information on how to use it,

read this: http://abrax.us/Facebook/TimelineGuide.php

So in conclusion, if you want to communicate with someone on Facebook without anyone knowing, USE MESSAGES OR CHAT INSTEAD (they are the same thing) - you can send a message to anyone on facebook even if they arent online at the time, and they will be notified of the message once they log back in (assuming they are on your friends list, as non-friends arent notified to prevent spammers)

Read about how the Ticker affects your privacy here:

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