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A Copy of Your Government Issued ID
NOTE: Believe it or not, this one is NOT a scam.
If you are getting a notice from Facebook when logging in telling you that you must submit a copy of your government issued picture ID to confirm that your account is not a fake account, this is real, and if you do not submit what they want, they will delete your account.

You are probably wondering WHY they are asking some people for this information.

Facebook wants to be taken seriously in the online community. It doesnt want to end up like Myspace which was flooded with fake profiles, spammers, and trolls.

There are many possible reasons why you are getting this notification.
1. You lied about your age, and they caught you.
2. You are under the age of 13, and they caught you.
3. You lied about your name, and they caught you.
4. You created more than one Facebook profile, and they caught you.
5. You were advertising something without permission (spamming), and they caught you.
6. You were trying to promote a Facebook page (s4s), which is also considered spamming.
7. You were adding people you dont know in real life, and they caught you.

(all of these things are against the rules on Facebook)

8. Another possible reason is that someone who doesnt like you reported your profile as a fake profile.

How can you know this is not a scam?
Scams are sent to you via your email account. This is coming directly from facebook when you log in, it's not going to your email address instead, so you know it's real, as you are locked out of your account until you can provide them with proof of who you are. If it was a scam, the scammer would have no way of locking you out of your account if you dont comply. If you do not provide Facebook with this information, they will assume that your account is "fake" and they will eventually delete your account.

What forms of ID are accepted?
The best form of ID you can provide is a government-issued, photo ID like a passport or drivers license. This ID must:

• Clearly show your name, picture, and birthday
• Be in color

If you do not have a government issued photo ID, you can submit copies of TWO alternative forms of ID. Together, these documents should show your full name, birthday and picture.

Some examples of alternative IDs include your:
• School or work ID
• Library card
• Utility bill
• Credit card
• Birth certificate
• Social security card

Please cover up any personal information we don't need to verify your identity
(examples: credit card number, social security number)

So basically, it's just like what you have to do to get a legal government issued ID in real life... two forms of ID... and Facebook is serious about this... they dont want to become another myspace that is flooded by hackers, trolls, spammers, underage users, role players, and fake profiles.

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