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How Do I Move Facebook Photos Between Albums?
Updated May 2014
NOTE: Currently, you cannot move photos out of your "Profile Photos" album, or your "Cover Photos" album. You would have to download those photos and re-upload them to "move" them to another album. And yes, that means you cannot move the likes/comments, this was done intentionally to prevent abuse.

You also cannot move your "tagged pictures" (photos of you) because you were not the person to upload the picture. You are only tagged in the photo, which means you cannot move it to another album, and you cannot control who can see that photo. You can only download it, remove the tag, and then upload it yourself as a new picture to gain control over who can see it.

If you are trying to move photos from one album to another, follow these steps:

First, go to your album photo page from your profile page.
Click on the "Albums" header. This shows you thumbnails of all your albums.
Click on the album that has the photo you want to move.

Each photo in the album will have a little pencil icon in the top right corner

Click it. Then select "Move to Other Album"

moving facebook photos 1

A box will pop up and the dropdown list will let you select which album you want to move it to.
moving facebook photos 2

Keep in mind you wont be able to move it to the Profile Photos album, or the Cover Photos album, or any of the other "System Albums" You can only move photos between custom albums if you want to preserve the likes and comments.

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