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Facebook Mostly Visited Spam Tracker
People seem to be obsessed about getting statistics about who is viewing their profile, or being more active than others when liking or commenting on their status updates or pictures. There is a new app a lot of people are falling for called "Mostly Visited"

It prays on people's curiosity about which friends are interacting the most.

All it actually does it randomly select people from your friends list, and then randomly generate some believable numbers that makes you think that it's doing what you hope it's actually doing. It's not.
Apps like this violate the Facebook terms of service, and there are many websites trying to get you to believe that their statistics are actually accurate. They are NOT.

No one can create an actual app to give you these statistics. The Facebook API does not provide this function, but APP creators know that people want it, so they create these fake APPS to get you to "try them out" and then once you agree to the APP posting as you, they then use that permission you gave it to post as you, spamming the link to their website, which can contain phishing links, trojans, malware, and lots of other things that can look to see if you you use the same password on all of the sites you use (because once you leave Facebook by clicking on their link, they can read your Email address without you knowing)

So if you think you "got hacked" - you didnt, you just fell for a fake tracker.

After all, take a look at the link that the "Mostly Visited" app automatically posts on your behalf.... see how it's not a link to a Facebook app page? It's a link that leads anyone who clicks it off of Facebook and once you leave Facebook with an open cookie, they can steal your password and your Email.

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