Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

Updated August 27, 2015
The Facts:
Is your Facebook message to your friend being sent but not delivered? First you need to understand what those terms mean. "Sent" means that your message successfully made it from your device to the Facebook message server. "Delivered" means that the message successfully made it from the Facebook server to the other person's device. If the person's device is turned off, or if it's not logged in to Facebook at the time, it will be delivered once they log in. But there is more.... read below...

More Information:

Facebook has 2 apps that you can install. One just lets you read your news feed and like and comment on things. The other one lets you send and receive private messages. In order for your message to be delivered, the person you are sending the message to must have the messenger app installed, and not everyone has that second app installed. Your message will be delivered one the person either installs the messenger app, or logs in using a computer instead of a mobile device.