Missing Facebook Friend Request Button

Updated October 7, 2015
The Facts:
Facebook has rules. One of the rules is that you are not allowed to send friend requests to people you do not know in real life. Many people think it's OK because they want lots of 'friends' so that they look 'popular' on Facebook. Facebook is not a website you use to try to look popular. It is a website you use to stay in touch with people you know in real life. If you send a friend request to someone you do not know, and they deny your request, the friend request button is no longer available for you to click to 'try again'. You get only one chance to send them a friend request.

More Information:
There is no way around this. If the friend request button is missing on a timeline of a person you wish to add as a friend, your only option is to contact that person some other way (like calling them on the phone). Since you would never break the rules by trying to add someone you do not know in real life, you surely have their phone number or have some other way of contacting them, right? Contact them some other way, and have them send YOU a request. That will still be possible, as YOU have never denied THEIR request to be Facebook friends.

Most people do not realize that this has been an option for quite a while. Up until recently, when someone denies a friend request, they are asked by Facebook if they know the person in real life or not. If the person answers 'no' then the friend request button is removed from view for that person to prevent that person from harassing them by sending another request. Facebook now makes this mandatory and will not let people send another request automatically.