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If your facebook has been locked or disabled, and you dont understand why, it means you either broke one of their "rules", or you installed some malware which has infected your computer.

If it's a malware problem, you will be presented with a checkpoint page upon logging in, telling you to scan your computer. You may already be using Anti-virus software, but since malware isnt actually a "virus", your anti-virus program may not be able to detect it. How did this happen to you, you ask? You got tricked into clicking on something on facebook that lead you off the site, and convinced you to install something, promising to help you fix something that wasnt a problem to begin with, or you fell for one of those "view this video! omg! i cant believe she did this!" links, or one of those "is this you? did you know this picture of you is on this site?" links. This is a very common problem. It's how hackers and phishers are spamming facebook and stealing accounts.

Read this page if you believe this is your issue:


If malware isnt your problem, maybe you did not read the facebook terms of service which had to be agreed to when users sign up for facebook. Here is a quick list for you to scan thru to help you figure out why you might be having problems like this.

• You are under 13.
• You lied about your age.
• You lied about your name.
• You created more than one account.
• You are trolling and fighting with people using your account.
• You are using your account to advertise something without Facebook's permission.
• You are using your account to promote something improperly, like advertising your group/page in someone else's group/page.
• You are adding people you do not actually know in real life.
• You were tricked into adding an app or something that is spamming your friends.
(if this is the case, use this app to find the app that is spamming your friends)
• You were tricked into installing a browser extension that is trying to exploit you
Protect your Facebook account
How to Remove a Browser Extension
• You used a proxy site/VPN to access your Facebook account. When you try use a proxy site, even if it does not work, you are giving your email and password to the owner of each proxy site you try to use. The owner of the proxy site can then log in as you, and spam your friends, change things in your profile, and do anything else that you can do. Once facebook detects behavior like an account being accessed from different countries, they will lock the account to prevent the abuse, and force you to enter your phone number to prevent this type of abuse. If Facebook is not allowed in the country you live in, and you decide to just use a proxy or VPN to get around that rule, Facebook can detect that and sees it as people from different countries accessing the same account, which is against their rules. That's why your account was suspended.

Here are some screenshots of the terms of service which you probably never actually read.

facebook terms of service 3

facebook terms of service 4

If you would like to read the entire Facebook terms of service yourself, feel free... https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms

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