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How can I get someone's saved passwords?
If you have access to someone's computer, it's pretty simple to get their facebook password if they have it saved in their browser. This page explains how to do that.

First, click on the top left Firefox menu bar, and find the Options page as shown here.

Then, click on the security tab in the dialog box that pops up... See the button that says "Saved Passwords"? Click that.

Firefox then shows you all the pages that have saved password information from that person. Often times people are stupid and use the same passwords for more than one website, so if you dont see "facebook" in the list, dont worry, you could still find it out if they are stupid. Now, click the "Show Passwords" button.

You will get this confirmation popup, assuming they dont have a master password set up to prevent you from doing this.

I'm sure you can figure out the rest.....

If you are using Chrome, type this into your address bar:


That will open this page:

Then click on the line item that you want to see, and click the "show" button to see the password:

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