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How to Get your Page ID
If you are trying to get the PAGE ID of your facebook fan page, it depends if you have enough fans or not, so here is how to get it.

Go to your page, and then looking for the number at the end of the URL

for example, here is one of my pages


See that number at the end?

That number at the end is the ID for the page

If you do not have a number at the end of the URL because you already assigned a vanity URL to it, then just change the URL from www.facebook to graph.facebook and press enter, and it will show you the ID

for example, here's another one of my pages


When you change www to graph, you get this instead


See the ID now?

Now that you have the ID, here is how to build the code for making it a link in a facebook comment:


so that it looks something like this

@[105648426258562:Salt, the Other Pepper]

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