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How to Speed up Flash Games on Facebook

Facebook games are written in flash.
That means if you plan on playing them, you will need to make sure you do the following things if you dont want them to run really slowly after a couple of weeks playing them:

1) You have to first clear your cache and cookies in your browser (you can google that to figure out how to do that, right?)

(before you do any of the next steps, make sure you are logged into your computer as an ADMINISTRATOR - if you dont know what that means then ask your parents, or depending on your age, ask your kids lol)

2) You have to be using the most recent version of the flash player - you can go to the Adobe flash update page to make sure you are running the most up to date version of flash.

3) You have to change the flash settings that control your cache
To set up your flash settings to work best with facebook games, follow these steps:

(i) GO HERE - Flash Player Settings Manager

4) You have to reboot and log in again fresh. DO NOT FORGET TO REBOOT AS THIS IS AN IMPORTANT LAST STEP

5) If you use Firefox, you may also want to install the Flash Game Mazimizer