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How do I edit my Likes on Facebook?
Updated August 2013
There are a couple different ways to do this, and I just discovered this new way. Type "Create Page" into the facebook search bar, and press enter. Then, look in the upper right corner for the "Pages I Like" button, and click it.


Another interesting thing you can do is see a list of all the pages someone else likes, if you know their friend ID. Just change the number at the end of the URL from yours to someone else's ID number.

First, go to your Timeline, and click the "update info" button to the right of your name.

Then, at the top of the page, click on "More" and it will drop a list down, then click on "Likes" as shown here.

Now that you are on the "Likes" page, you can see the pages you have liked. They are in categories now, so if you dont see the page you are looking for, select the "More" option again as shown here. Then click on "Other Likes".

Find the page you want to "unlike" and hover your mouse over it, a little icon will appear in the upper right corner, and if you then hover your mouse over that icon, you will be presented with these options.

Click the little "x" in the blue boxes for the item you want to delete.
Note: This is also where you can use the audience selector facebook audience selector to control who can see this particular item in your Timeline.

Then, scroll down more... lots more... find the "other likes" section... it looks like this

You will then see all the old uncategorized "likes" you clicked on long ago...
It would be best to delete ALL of them...

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