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How to Delete Messages/Conversations on Facebook
Updated October 2012

If you would like to delete messages/conversations from your account, follow these steps:

First, go to your Message Page

Locate the message/conversation that you want to delete, and click Actions menu at the top, then select "delete conversation".

When you delete a conversation from someone, they can still message you again, but they will no longer appear in the list of people you have had conversations with on the left side (until they message you again)

If you would like to archive it instead of deleting it, select "archive".

If you would like to make the message appear as if it hasnt been read, click on "mark as unread".

If you would like to see all of your archived conversations, click on "more" and then select "archived".

Keep in mind this only affects your account. The person you had the conversation with still has the entire conversation saved in their account, and there is no way for you to delete it from their account. They would have to go thru this same process in their account to do that.

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