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Facebook Confirmation Codes
Updated April 2015
When you create your Facebook account, you have to confirm the creation of the account by clicking on a link that Facebook sends you. This is called a confirmation code. It proves to Facebook that you arent using a fake Email account to create a fake Facebook account.

When you create a Facebook account, they log your I/P address and your device's MAC address (and no, a MAC address doesnt mean you only have one when you are using a Mac. Every device, every phone, every tablet all have a unique MAC address.)
To report problems getting your confirmation code, try using this official Facebook Confirmation Code request form.

Keep in mind that creating more than one Facebook account is a violation of their terms of service, and they can tell when you just ignore their rules. FACEBOOK HAS RULES AND IF YOU DO NOT OBEY THEM, YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!

Facebook will not send you a confirmation code if they detect that your IP/MAC combination of codes have already been used to create an account. The reason for this is to help prevent people creating fake accounts to troll/bully/harass people and to help prevent spammers from flooding their websites with things like phishing links and porn. All of those things are HUGE problems on all popular social networking websites, and it was the reason for the downfall of websites like Myspace.

There are websites out there who claim to be able to generate a confirmation code for you, if you give them your Email address, but those sites are fake. They are created by spammers to fool you into giving them your Email address so they can send you more spam and try to steal personal information about you, and send you fake links to your Email address so that they can gather information about that Email address, in hopes that you will be using a weak password on a banking website.

The same thing happens when kids try to use proxy sites at school, but that's even worse, because every time you use a proxy site, you are not only giving your Email address to the owner of the proxy website, you are also giving your password to them, and if you use that same password for the email account you use to create the Facebook account, they can just log into your Email account too, and change all of your security questions and passwords, thus locking you out of your Facebook account AND your Email account forever. There is no way to recover either of these things if you fall for their tricks.

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