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Facebook not working with Chrome?
Updated March 2015
NOTE: It seems that a majority of the people who are having problems with Chrome on Facebook are also using a MAC computer... just a heads up... if you are using a MAC and Chrome, use a different browser until the issues are resolved.

There are many different problems going on with using Chrome to view Facebook right now. If you dont want to have these problems, the easy solution is to stop using Chrome for now (Firefox works flawlessly), until it is either fixed, or Facebook fixes whatever they are changing. It is hard to know if it's a Chrome specific issue, or a Facebook specific issue, even if the problem only happens when you use Facebook.

It could be something as simple as just clearing your cache and cookies, then rebooting, so try that first.

The first one is an invalid SSL Certificate - if you are getting that message, try this:
Go to the settings for Chrome by clicking the little wrench icon in the upper right, and then click "Under the Hood" as shown here:

Then look for the checkbox for "Check for Server Certificate Revocation" and UNCHECK it.

The second problem is that Chrome freezes or crashes when trying to use Facebook.
There is no solution for that yet - please use the comment box below to talk to other people having this problem, as I am not having this problem. If you reply to an existing comment below about the same problem instead of staring your own comment, then the person with the same problem will be notified about your comment the next time that person logs in. Please find an existing comment to reply to below before starting a new post with the same question, or it will just be deleted. Nothing gets solved unless people work together like this.

There is a third problem
Malicious browser extensions : READ THIS

If you want to learn how to remove malicious browser extensions, read THIS

If you want to learn how to remove malicious apps, read THIS

There is a fourth problem
Certain add-on may be preventing facebook from working in Chrome. Check those too, especially ones that block ads or popups.

This just in from Yahoo Answers user Simply Red

Try clearing your cache and cookies first by opening your browser and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete

If that doesn't fix it, try resetting Google Chrome. Sign in to your Google account if you want to back up your bookmarks and saved passwords online. Exit Google Chrome and open Windows Explorer.

For Windows Vista or 7 type the following in the address box and press Enter:


You may also go to C:>> Users>> [YourUserName]>> AppData>> Local>> Google>> Chrome>> Application

Delete the zero byte file named "First Run"

If that still didn't fix it, do a full uninstall in advanced mode using Revo Uninstaller and then reinstall the latest version of Google Chrome:


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